What’s Metalabel?

Metalabel is where creative people come together to release work around their shared tastes and interests.

The Creator Economy is creativity in single-player mode: every creator competing against everyone else for followers and attention.

Metalabel is creativity in multiplayer mode: groups of people pooling skills, audiences, and resources in support of a larger creative vision.

How Metalabel works

A label is how creators who share the same interests can release work, collaborate, and support each other. Metalabel expands the idea of the label to all forms of creative expression.



Creators come together

A group of people start a label to drop work together around their shared creative vision.


Drop work

Creators collaborate or take turns releasing work in any medium or format that reflects their purpose.


Sell work

Releases can sell physical work, digital work, in-person access, or be free.


Share proceeds

Money gets split between creators and the label treasury according to transparent terms.


Make new work

Funds and resources go into new releases that expand the group’s footprint in the wider world.

Reimagine the label

  • Writer labels

  • Photographer labels

  • Designer labels

  • Geographic labels

  • Cultural advocacy labels

  • Creative solidarity labels

  • Podcaster labels

  • YouTube labels

  • Publishing labels

  • & many more

Get inspired

Quality Drops

10 releases, 10,000+ sold, $1,000,000+ to creative and public goods projects

Labels we love

Projects from the past and present that inspire us

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Elements of a Metalabel

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