03 March 2023

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R.07: Quality Drops

A new series of releases by metalabels and creators

Today we present the seventh drop from Metalabel: Quality Drops, a new series of releases by inspiring metalabels and creators that kicks off with Gitcoin andVitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, releasing “The Quadratic Funding Collection” as an onchain record to fund public goods.

“The Quadratic Funding Collection” reissues “Liberal Radicalism,” a 2018 whitepaper by Vitalik Buterin, Zoe Hitzig, and Glen Weyl that introduced quadratic funding — a radical new method for directing resources towards projects in a way that benefits the greatest number of people rather than those with the greatest influence. More than $70 million has been directed to public goods and open source projects by Gitcoin and others using quadratic funding to date.

Each record in “The Quadratic Funding Collection” contains a digital copy of the original whitepaper, as well as two new pieces by Gitcoin co-founders Kevin Owocki and Scott Moore reflecting on the impact of the model to date. Twelve special “Signature Edition” records include physical copies of the whitepaper hand-signed by the original three authors.

By collecting “The Quadratic Funding Collection,” you’re honoring great work from the past and rewarding projects and builders of the future. Funds from this drop will be split between the Gitcoin matching funds pool and the Plurality Institute, both of which support public goods projects.

Quality Drops

This first release underscores what you’ll find in each Quality Drop:

  • Quality Drops will release creative and cultural work, including art, anthologies, experiences, installations, music, interactive prompts and exercises, IRL events, collaborative research projects, sustainable fashion, and some surprises.

  • Quality Drops are records. Records are onchain containers that hold bundles of creative work, from digital creative work to physical creative work to art, tickets, experiences, music, and more. Records contain a mix of digital, ephemeral, and physical output.

  • Quality Drops are handpicked and supported by Metalabel. We’re helping to contextualize these releases, tell their stories, and co-produce records that express and manifest the creators’ points of view.

  • Quality Drops are collaborative or part of wider scenes. Some drops feature creators collaborating with others. Others feature creators working alone but supported by collaborators and a metalabel. Others feature two metalabels coming together to collaborate on new work. All Quality Drops are part of a bigger picture of work or cultural movements.

Join the Quality Drop series, support public goods, and collect the first-ever record by the most important builder in this universe. 


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